Amethyst CADwizz Ultra

User Comments

"By the way, I have nothing but good things to say about CADwizz. Unlike other similar DWG viewer programs, yours is actually useful!"

"Fantastic!! 'Print window' works exactly how I need it to. In my opinion, your viewer program is now hands down the best CAD viewer available. There are more features than I even need, the speed is excellent, and you can't beat the price. Very nice job. I'm sure we'll be ordering more seats soon. Thanks!"

DH, Australia
"This is just a short email to let you know that, without exception, I am receiving nothing but positive feedback from our Users regarding CADwizz. During our evaluation of various CAD viewers with widely varying capabilities and prices, CADwizz seemed to have just the right mix of features that we required at a competitive multi-user licence price.  Our Users' experience now seems to be confirming the impression formed during our review period."

BM, Germany
"I recently bought Cadwizz from your website... it saved my ass during a file conversion job. Cadwizz dwg viewer was the only application that displayed all of the hatches in the DWG files correctly, and believe me, I use more than just one heavy-duty CAD application for file conversions."

HM, Norway
"The users that have access to CADwizz are very pleased, and use the viewer program very often. I am glad I found your cad viewer software on the web."

JC, France
"I am a mechanical teacher in engineering field in a technical school in France. I really appreciate your cad viewer program because it allows me to check by viewing many files I've got to manage, and that without using AutoCAD 97 which is rather long to launch."

IM, Sweden
"I have tried your viewer program for viewing DWG and converting and I think it's great!"

We're architects, using Microstation as our main CAD application. We get a lot of DWG and DXF files in as transfers and it's useful to be able to view them so that we can see what we're getting!"

RZ, Italy
"We found your DWG viewer program very practical and fast to plot AUTOCAD drawings, principally for people who normally don’t use AUTOCAD daily."

"Thanks for nice viewer indeed!"