HelpPerforming Conversions


To batch convert AutoCAD DWG and DXF files:

  1. Select drawings for conversion by clicking the Add Files or Add Folder buttons. The Add Files button allows you to select single or multiple files within a file folder. The Add Folder button allows you to select all the files within a folder in a single action. If the Include Sub-folders box is checked, all the files in sub-folders will also be selected.

  2. Choose the conversion file format from the drop-down Convert Files To box.

  3. Specify the output folder for the converted files. This is the folder where the converted files will be placed. If the Maintain Directory Structure box is checked, the converted files will retain the same directory structure as the original files.

  4. Click the Conversion Options button, and select options according to the chosen conversion file format.

  5. Click the Convert button to start the file conversion.

  6. To stop the file conversion at any point, press the ESC key. As each file is converted, the file list box is updated with conversion progress. After all files have been converted, the File Conversion Log is displayed. This is a dialog that lists files successfully converted and those that failed conversion.

  7. To view current and previous conversion logs, from the Main Menu, select Log > View Log File. The file viewer opens, and the current conversion log is displayed. To view previous conversion logs, in the file viewer, select File > Open.