HelpMain Window


File Explorer
Click on the File Explorer panel to open the File Explorer. Click again on the panel to close the File Explorer.

The File Explorer displays drawing files that can be opened by double-clicking on a file name, or by dragging it into the drawing display area. Right-click on a file name to open a pop-up menu for opening or deleting the file. Left-click and drag with the mouse to move the file to another directory.

Thumbnail Browser
Click on the Thumbnail Browser panel to open the Thumbnail Browser. Click again on the panel to close the Thumbnail Browser.

The Thumbnail Browser displays the thumbnail images contained in drawing files. Left-click on an image to open a file.

Toolbar Browse Buttons
The program's main toolbar contains two buttons, Next File and Previous File, that allow you to browse the next and previous files in the same directory as the current drawing. The files are opened in the same window as the current drawing.