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With the program, you can open AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWT and DWF files. All the latest file versions are supported. Additionally, the program can open HPGL (PLT) plot files.

Open Zipped Archive
The program also allows you to open zipped archives (ZIP files). In the Open Zipped Archive dialog, select files for viewing, and the destination directory for the extracted files.

Save As
Select this option to save a drawing file as DWG or DXF in any version of AutoCAD.

Export As
Select this option to export the current view to a variety of image file formats. See File Types

See Printing

Copy to Clipboard
Select this option to copy to the Windows Clipboard the current view of the currently displayed drawing.

Send To
Select this option to create a new email message with the current drawing added as an attachment.

Batch Utilities
This option allows batch printing and batch file conversion. See Batch Utilities for further information.