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Measurements on drawings can be performed only in the Model Layout. Line, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle and Circle measurements can be taken. Results are displayed in the top-left corner of the display.

Left-click and move the mouse to select a measurement point. If Object Snap is enabled, the mouse pointer will snap to end and center points of objects. Right-click with the mouse to clear the current measurements.

Measurement settings allow you to specify measurement units, precision, scale factor, and enable/disable object snap.

Drawing Units refer to the units that the drawing was originally drawn in, for example, millimeters or inches. The measurement settings allow you to select other units for displaying measurements. The program automatically performs the conversions from drawing units to measurement units.

You need only change Scale Factor if a drawing has not been drawn on a one-to-one basis. For example, if a drawing has been drawn so that a drawing unit of one inch equals one foot (12 inches) in the real world, enter 12 as the scale factor, so that measurements can be correctly calculated in real world values.