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Layer Properties
With the Layer Properties dialog, you can change the visibility and color of layers. Click on layer icons to make changes.

Turn a layer off rather than freezing the layer if you frequently need to switch a layer’s visibility. Layers that are turned off are generated during a regeneration of the drawing but are not displayed.

Freeze a layer if you do not need that layer to be visible for a long period of time. Layers that are frozen are not generated during a regeneration of a drawing.

Prevent objects on a layer from being modified by locking it.

To change the color associated with a layer, click the color icon to display the Color dialog box.

Hyperlink Properties
Select this option to open a dialog that lists any hyperlinks in a drawing.

Object Properties
Select this option then click on an object in a drawing. The object will show as being selected. Next, right-click to display a pop-up menu. This will allow you to view information about the selected object, or turn off the layer that the object is on.

Drawing Information
Select this option to view information about the current drawing.